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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Hot Water Cylinder?

Most households have hot water tanks to meet their daily hot water needs. The average person uses warm water for various daily activities such as showers, baths, laundry, dish-cleaning, etc. Additionally, drinking hot water has been shown to support skin, muscle and joint health. Hot water can be described as heating water above its initial temperatures for washing, cooking and other purposes. However, these households still have many questions concerning hot water in their homes, such as: “What is a hot water cylinder?” “What type of hot water cylinder do I need?” “How to replace water tank once it’s been damaged?”

While the article will address these questions later on, here are a few things you should know. Hot water cylinders contain hot water and may require replacing when upgrading or discovering a leak. Fortunately, finding professionals that can offer the service of replacing a hot water cylinder is an easy task. Yet, there are a few things to consider before replacing hot water cylinders, including the hot water tank replacement cost, the hot water tank cost, the types of hot water cylinders available and so on.

Types of hot water cylinders

A hot water cylinder allows you to store hot water to use later. There are two different types of hot water cylinders available in the UK- vented and unvented. These hot water cylinders offer differing services. In addition, their water tank replacement cost varies since the hot water supply system differs fundamentally.

  • Vented hot water cylinder

A vented hot water cylinder system is usually made of cold water tanks in the attic and supplies cold water to the cylinders. The cylinders are usually placed in ventilation cabinets where cold water is supplied to the bottom of the tank. The heated water rises to the reservoir top, drawn and supplied to the heating system. Vented cylinders depend on gravity, and the cold water tank height determines the pressure. This means the higher the altitude, the higher the water pressure, which is why it is advisable to place your cold water tank in the attic.

This cylinder expands while water is heated, but vent pipes and tanks on a higher ground allow the excess water to escape. It is best to consider replacing your vented hot water cylinder when you experience cold water, less hot water, leaks and unusual sounds, and rust.

  • Unvented hot water cylinders

An unvented hot water cylinder system differs in that it does not require a water storage tank. Instead, the water in this closed hot water cylinder is supplied directly from the cold water network. The unvented cylinders are pressured by water inflow, and the water is heated directly by heat sources outside the container or by immersion heaters. When equipped to the highest level, an unvented hot water cylinder can last for 30 years. Yet, it would help if you considered replacing it when you see any leakage from the cylinder. Leaks can get worse at any time and cause severe harm to your property. Keep an eye for dams around the cylinder areas and regularly check for indications of water damage.

Replacement cost of vented hot water cylinder

It shouldn’t take you more than a day to complete a cylinder replacement. The price covers labour costs and secondary materials like fittings, washers, and PTFE tape. It also covers the cost of disposing of the old tank and waste generated during the installation. 

It can cost you around £200 for the standard copper cylinders and less than £20 for a thermostat. More so, don’t expect to pay the plumber less than £250 for the total job, excluding the cylinder. However, expect to pay between £500 and £600 if you want the plumber to provide everything required to complete the vented hot water cylinder replacement.

Replacement cost of unvented hot water cylinder

The type of unvented hot water cylinder you choose is the most significant factor affecting the cost of installation. For example, the brand and size of the unvented hot water cylinder are crucial. It could cost you around £600 for the minor unvented cylinder replacement and £600 for a reasonably bigger size. While the price difference is evident, there are cheaper alternatives available. It can take two plumbers to complete an installation in a day. However, don’t expect to pay less than £450 for labour and sundries for an unvented cylinder replacement. However, the amount excludes the cylinder price.

How do I know my hot water cylinder needs replacing?

Sooner or later, you will undoubtedly see signs that your hot water cylinder needs replacing. Whether due to usage or age of the cylinder, the water cylinder has an average lifespan of 10 years, although regular maintenance can extend its useful life. Yet if you have lived in a particular home for more than eight years, chances are that your water heater is too old. Other signs that show your hot water cylinder needs replacing include:

  • Loud noise when the tank heats the water
  • Your water isn’t heating
  • Water on the floor around the bottom of your tank. This could be a sign of leaking and your tank nearing the end of its lifespan.

At this point, it is best to replace your hot water cylinder.

Hot water cylinder replacement near me

Water is one of the most widely used resources in all households. Most of these daily uses require some degree of warmth. For this reason, it is crucial to fix any issue with your failing hot water cylinder to ensure comfort for every member of the household. It is best to get competitive quotes for your hot water tank replacement cost, hot water tank cost, boiler cylinder prices, hot water cylinder coil replacement, and so on. Fortunately, Aquatek can help with getting the best price to install a hot water tank or complete your water tank replacement. With a dedicated small team of plumbers, we have the expertise to replace the water tank.

Replacing hot water cylinders can turn out to be a disaster if not completed by a professional. It is vital to get quotes from high-quality, trusted plumbing and heating services like Aquatek. We offer dedicated customer service and artistry for all your plumbing and heating needs. Do you need help replacing the water tank, looking for the price to install the water tank, or want to replace a low-pressure hot water cylinder? Call Us today via 0800 328 4329 for all your service needs.

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