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How To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Smells

Have you ever completed washing your clothes and noticed a smell coming from your washing machine? There is nothing worse than expecting fresh clothes that smell gorgeous and noticing your washing machine smells like sewage! You can’t expect fresh linens and towels if your washing machine smells bad, but the good news is that there is always a reason behind why your washing machine stinks – which means that you can fix it.

You may be wondering how to get rid of smells in washing machine, and if you are, you’ve come to the right place. Dirt and limescale, old detergent and stagnant water can all make your washing machine smell bad, and it’s going to affect everything else, too. The best thing is that you can learn what is affecting your washing machine before fixing it. Once it’s fixed, your clothes will start to smell lovely again when you put them through the wash.

Tips To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Smells

Tips To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Smells

Below, we’ve put together some tips to help you to get rid of washing machine smells so that you no longer have to deal with a stink whenever you open your laundry door!

1. Take the Clothes Out

Many people forget that when they leave damp clothing in the washing machine, the water becomes stagnant and bacteria grows. Leaving the clothes there for long enough will lead to the growth of mold and mildew – both of which tend to make a washing machine smell terrible! If you leave your washing in the drum, you’re going to breed bacteria caused by skin grease and flakes mixing with the leftover detergent.

2. Stop Using So Much Detergent

The detergents in the stores are concentrated and to get the beautiful scents advertised, people often use far too much. Too much power causes excessive foam in the machine, and this lives on the washing machine door seal and causes grease to build up. This is what leads to the washing machine stinking badly!

3. Air It Out

When your washing machine is not in use, open the drawer and the door and let it air dry. When you shut these, you shut in the dampness of the machine and this builds up to a stale stench. This way, you can let the moisture evaporate and reduce how much bacteria is in the machine.

4. Clean It Out

Scrubbing, sanitizing and deodorizing the washing machine is important if you want to reduce the risk of a smelly washing machine. Clean it out properly once a week and make sure that it’s thoroughly wiped out.

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5. Clean The Seal

The seal of the door can be deceptive. It could look clean, but unless you peel it back a little, you’re not going to see the potential build-up of grime and dirt underneath. Clean out the seal, and you’re going to ensure that there are no musty washing machine smells.

6. Check The Drainage

Your washing machine requires adequate drainage to ensure that there is no water backed up in the machine pipes and tubing. When this happens, stagnant water makes the machine smell badly. Dormant water can also lead to slime and scum in the machine, which helps that bacteria to grow.

7. Hot Wash

A low temperature is great for energy efficiency but it doesn’t kill the bacteria in the machine. Make sure that you are washing on a hot wash from time to time to kill the bacteria in the drainage system and the drum. You will avoid asking the question “why does my washing machine smell like rotten eggs?” when you do this!

8. Use The Right Detergent

There is every chance that you’re not using the right detergent with your washing machine, so use a high-efficiency detergent and the right measurements, too. The regular ones give up excess suds, which leads to more foam and then soap scum. This affects the way in which your machine functions, and the fewer suds, the less possibility you have of built up soap scum.

9. Dry The Drum

If you have noticed that your washing machine is smelling like stagnant water, you should make sure that you dry it out after use. Proper ventilation where your washing machine is located is a must, here.

10. Clean The Gasket

You should go beyond cleaning your washing machine, and make sure that you clean the gasket and sterilize it, too. Even with all of the right detergents and anti-humidity factors, you can’t guarantee that your drum won’t smell. However, when you clean the gasket properly, you will be able to ensure that it’s clear of soapy scum and any debris.

Get Professional Help!


If you have done whatever you can to ensure that you fix up your smelly washing machine and nothing seems to be working, it may be time to call in the professionals! Below, we’ve got a few signs that it’s time to call an expert to help you with your washing machine odor.

The Spin Cycle Works – But The Clothes Are Wet!

You’re waiting and waiting for your washing machine to finish and you can hear it spinning, but the water isn’t draining so the clothes are still soaked and not rinsed out. You may need someone to come in and fix it!

The Washer Isn’t Filling Up

You can hear the machine is on but there is no water rushing through to surround the clothing to get them cleaned. There could be a blockage in your system and the water is prevented from coming through – this will need snaking!

The Water Doesn’t Heat Up

There is every chance that your pipes have disconnected from the hot tap. When this happens, you may need someone to come in and fix it back together for you.

There Is A Loud Racket

Washing machines are rarely quiet, but if yours starts making a huge amount of noise, it’s time to get that fixed!

Call the professionals if you are looking at how to get rid of washing machine smells – you won’t regret it!

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