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Toilet Cistern Not Filling

A common issue homeowners have is the case of the toilet cistern not filling up correctly. It can become quite problematic when you begin to notice that your toilet tank never holds the precise amount of water required for a proper flush. That is, you may need to flush the water closet more than once to clear the bowl. Perhaps you’re quite handy, then this problem might not be much stress to you, and you can fix it yourself. However, bear in mind that it is better that you employ the services of an expert to take care of any plumbing issues. We are going to point out some reasons why your toilet cistern may not be filling up correctly. Appropriate solutions will also be discussed. Dive in!

1) You need to readjust the float ball

From experience, the float ball in the toilet cistern has been the most cause of the problem. When the water in the tank reaches the optimal level, the float ball helps to stop the inflow of water by shifting the float arm. This blocks the further entry of water into the tank. When the float ball is too low, it causes the toilet tank to not get enough water.

Plumber repairing toilet cistern

To solve this issue, all you have to do is move the float arm a little tilt upwards. This is so that the ball bends higher. Then, it stops water from entering the cistern at the appropriate time (when it’s actually full). If this idea does not fix your toilet issue and the float ball is still low, then you may have to change the float ball.

2) Adjust the fill valve

If the toilet cistern is again not filling up as it should after adjusting the float ball, then the difficulty may lie with the fill valves. The toilet cistern valves are responsible for controlling the water flow from the line of supply to refilling the tank between flushes. If the fill valves of your toilet use float arms, then the solution is to begin by removing the cap of the toilet lid. Next, locate the angle of the fill valve, which is usually on the left side.

Then place a screwdriver with a flat head into the adjustment screw. Turn it in a clockwise manner to raise the fill valves. This will allow more water to flow into the toilet cistern. In case the tank requires less water, turn the screw anticlockwise and lower the fill valves. Flush your toilet after making these adjustments and watch if the water fills correctly.

Perhaps your tank uses adjustable cylinders, follow the same process of finding the fill valve at the left side of the toilet tank. Then pinch the float clip by the side of that valve. Slide it higher to allow in more water, or down for less water.

3) Bad trip assembly

Another reason why your toilet cistern does not fill up correctly could be because of a faulty trip assembly. Your trip assembly is a part of the handle attached to the flush. The flush in turn is attached to the tank. This assembly may not be in a good position, or it may be blocking itself while the lid is on. This will shorten the flush cycle.

Plumber fixing toilet cistern

To correct this issue, open up the lid and check the trip assembly. If you discover that the trip assembly is broken, bent or worn out, it is then time to think about a replacement. Only by replacing the trip assembly can you fix this filling problem.

4) Remove brick or other heavy objects

Some people place a small block into the toilet cistern to conserve the flow of water. If you have done the same or used some other heavy object, then you should remove it. It is probably what is preventing the toilet tank from getting enough water for flushing. Such obstruction is not suitable for a toilet cistern. It may even cause damage to the tank. 

5) Waste line blockages

The problem relating to toilet flushing can also be because of an obstruction in the vent or the waste line. All you need to do is plunge the toilet or clear the central vent. You can do this by spraying some water into the opening of the vent if there is enough flow of water from the tank into the toilet bowl. If a technician looks into the issue, then whatever is blocking the water line will be carefully removed.

6) Low water pressure

The root of your toilet cistern not filling correctly may lie with low water pressure. If this is the issue, this is just a mild inconvenience to handle. This typically occurs when your old toilet pipes are rust, or the pipes are leaking, preventing enough water from flowing into the cistern. It may be that your home is an old property and your piping is in bad shape. This will result in irregularities in your plumbing fixtures, especially your toilet.

These are the major problems that affect toilet cisterns and cause them not to fill up as they normally should. If you follow the recommended guidelines, then you will have your toilet cistern filling up correctly in no time. You should not allow a faulty toilet cistern mess up your daily activities. If you are not a handy person, getting a professional to fix it is a great idea.

The toilet is an essential part of the home. If it is not in good order, it may leave your household in a very uncomfortable state. Its breakdown often begins and ends with its cistern. The cistern accommodates the toilet tank, float ball, float arm, flush handle control, and every switch that you use to operate the toilet. If you do not understand the procedure or you need more advice, contact Aquatek. We will make all necessary inspections to your home’s plumbing, and not only your toilet cistern. After figuring where the precise problem lies, we will fix it promptly at affordable charges. Feel free to reach out to us to help you with solutions to all your plumbing fixtures.

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