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Types of Central Heating Systems

As the name suggests, central heating refers to a system that provides the heating needs for an entire building from one central point. In the United Kingdom, older homes traditionally have radiators in each room that can be used to heat individual rooms when required. Each radiator is controlled separately. With central heating, you can control the heating for the entire home from one place.

Though choosing the right central heating system for your home may seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Learning about the different types of central heating systems will help you choose the system that is right for you and your home.

Types of Central Heating Systems

If you’re looking to upgrade to central heating, you may be wondering, what are the different types of central heating systems? Though there is a wide range of systems on the market, they can generally be divided into three main categories: conventional, combi boiler, and system boiler.

Conventional Central Heating Systems

A conventional central heating system makes use of gravity to transport hot water from a tank in the highest room in the house. The hot water is heated by the boiler of the central heating system.

Although the conventional central heating system was once a popular choice, there are now more efficient options available. Water pressure is also quite low, as gravity can only create so much pressure.

Combi Boiler Central Heating Systems

Combi boiler systems are the most popular central heating systems on the market today. Instead of storing hot water in a tank, water is heated only when needed.

Instantaneous, on-demand water heating makes this system much more energy-efficient. It also creates greater water pressure than conventional systems.

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However, combi boilers do have their drawbacks. Though water is heated almost instantly, if you are running several hot water taps and trying to heat your home at the same time, the system may struggle to maintain high water pressure.

System Boiler Central Heating Systems

A system boiler central heating system works in much of the same way as a combi boiler, except the boiler isn’t used to heat water. Instead, hot water cylinders take on this job.

Though water is still heated on-demand rather than being stored in a tank, all water runs through the hot water cylinder first, allowing the water pressure to be maintained regardless of how many taps you have running.

Types of Fuel for Central Heating Systems

In addition to these three types of central heating systems, there are several different fuels for boilers:

Natural Gas. If your home is already connected to a natural gas supply, this is a great choice. Many central heating systems run on natural gas, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel.

Oil. Although oil boilers are incredibly efficient, you’ll need to install a large oil tank on the outside of your home. You’ll also have to ensure that it stays well supplied.

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Electricity. Electric boilers have come a long way over the past few years and are now one of the quietest, most compact, and most efficient systems you can run.

What Is The Best Type of Central Heating System?

The best type of central heating system will depend on what you already have installed in your home, the size of your home, and your budget.
Although it may seem as though a system boiler central heating system is the best choice, they are expensive to install and maintain. There aren’t just high upfront costs; you’ll also need to pay to have them inspected annually.

Additionally, if your home has low water pressure, a system boiler will not work properly. However, if you own a large home with high water pressure and aren’t concerned about the cost, then a system boiler may be the perfect central heating system for you.
If you have minimal hot water needs and only need to heat a small home, a combi boiler central heating system is a great choice. Despite being more technologically advanced (and therefore more complicated to install and repair) than conventional systems, they’re efficient and provide good water pressure.

Though conventional systems are on the decline, they’re not necessarily a poor choice. If you own an older home and already have a conventional system installed, you may wish to install additional infrastructure to improve your water pressure.

Wireless Central Heating Control Systems

One of the biggest benefits of installing a new central heating system today is the option to wirelessly control your system. Some of these systems can be controlled directly from your phone, making it easy and convenient to control your heating. These systems will also give you peace of mind in the case that you go away on holiday and forget to turn down your heat.

New Central Heating System Cost

The cost of replacing a central heating system, or installing one for the first time, will largely depend on the size of your home.
A larger home will require a larger boiler and more radiators, driving up the cost. In general, you should expect to spend at least £2,000. If you already have central heating installed and just want to replace some components, the cost will be lower.

The type of central heating system you choose to install will also influence the cost, with complex systems being more costly.
Though new central heating systems can be costly to install, by choosing a more energy-efficient system, you can expect to save money in the long run. Contact Aquatek for a free quote today.

Why Use Aquatek for Your Central Heating System?

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