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How Often Should I Service My Boiler?

If your boiler is not working correctly, you should contact a qualified boiler service engineer as soon as possible. A boiler service can help detect and fix any issues that may have led to the boiler being out of order. It’s essential to act quickly in these cases because your boiler will eventually stop working […]

Immersion Water Heater Not Working

Hot water is one of the essential elements of comfortable living. The ideal day for a household owner begins with a warm shower and ends with one too. After a hard day at work, the first thing on your mind is always a hot shower. An immersion water heater is among the most efficient systems […]

Types of Central Heating Systems

As the name suggests, central heating refers to a system that provides the heating needs for an entire building from one central point. In the United Kingdom, older homes traditionally have radiators in each room that can be used to heat individual rooms when required. Each radiator is controlled separately. With central heating, you can […]

Small Wet Room Ideas: Bathroom Ideas

A wet room is one of those spaces that you may think is a flight of fancy for your home. We hear so much about luxurious homes having wet rooms, and if we want to turn our bathroom into a wet room, we’ve got to completely gut out our home. However, any small space can […]

Why is Your Radiator Cold at the Bottom?

There is nothing quite as nice to waking up to a comfortable and warm home in the morning when it’s cold outside. The problems begin in the day when you wake up to a chilly house and realise that the radiators are not as efficient as they should be and are no longer warming up. […]

How To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Smells

Have you ever completed washing your clothes and noticed a smell coming from your washing machine? There is nothing worse than expecting fresh clothes that smell gorgeous and noticing your washing machine smells like sewage! You can’t expect fresh linens and towels if your washing machine smells bad, but the good news is that there […]

How to Fix a Dripping Tap

A dripping can drain your water reservoir and pockets, leaving you with a huge water bill. The leakage is not only annoying but also a costly and safety hazard. For those with handyman skills, fixing a leaking tap can save you money. Despite the different types of taps, the following are standards tools that you’ll […]

How to fix a toilet flush button – Replace toilet flush button

You never consider how to fix a toilet flush button until you break yours and you don’t have a choice. When you face a flushing problem in your toilet, it can cause some trouble and make your toilet impossible to use. This is always going to be an issue – you need to use your […]

How to Plumb in a Washing Machine or Dishwasher

A washing machine or dishwasher is not only convenient for the house, but they are also easy to use. These machines come in handy when it’s time to clean up the house and do laundry. Here is why: They eliminate physical effort where you don’t have to use your hands to wash clothes and clean […]

No Water or Low Water Pressure?

Having low water pressure is an extremely annoying problem. Even worse is turning on a tap in your home to find out that you have no water. When this happens, you need to act fast to restore running water in your home.  Low water pressure can do more damage than merely inconveniencing you. For instance, […]

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