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How To Save Money On Central Heating

Gas and electricity prices have risen in recent years. According to the most recent data (Dec ’21), the average UK homeowner spends between £1,268 and £1,2771 per year on energy expenses. With the new energy price set in April 2022, the average UK household bills are set to rise as much as double per annum. […]

What Are the Signs of a Burst Pipe?

A burst pipe is something that we pray doesn’t happen to us. It’s never a good situation to be in because an “escape of water” is going to cause a lot of damage to your house. And while you’re taking care of the cleanup, you may wonder if you missed some key signs. Let’s show […]

Do I Need Boiler Installation Certificate?

If you are planning to sell your property in the near future, a boiler certificate is a must. You also need a certificate if you rent a property to tenants. With that being said, below, we will explain everything you need to know about gas safety certificates in further detail. What is a boiler certificate? […]

Hive vs Nest – What Thermostat Should I Buy?

It’s no secret that more homeowners in Britain are adopting “smart” heating controls where they can control their heating and hot water needs from a smartphone app. Two of the biggest names in the smart heating controls market are Hive and Nest. Which is better: Hive or Nest? If you’re thinking of having smart heating […]

How to Drain a Central Heating System

To keep your central heating system in good working order, you’ll need to maintain it properly. Unless you look after your central heating system, the system is unlikely to function as it should. Occasionally your central heating system will need to be cleaned and drained. Perhaps you’re not sure how to drain a central heating […]

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Hot Water Cylinder?

Most households have hot water tanks to meet their daily hot water needs. The average person uses warm water for various daily activities such as showers, baths, laundry, dish-cleaning, etc. Additionally, drinking hot water has been shown to support skin, muscle and joint health. Hot water can be described as heating water above its initial […]

How Much Does Power Flush Cost UK

In the old days, heating systems were relatively simple. But today’s homes have a variety of complex heating systems that can become clogged and inefficient over time. If you want to avoid costly repairs in the future, it may be wise to take advantage of a power flush service offered by qualified professionals. Power flushing […]

Bathroom Trends for 2021

Everyone wants a beautiful bathroom. You might not realize that this is something that you are interested in, but it more than likely is. After all, it’s a space in your home, and you want your home to look its best, right? If you are thinking about changing up your bathroom this year, there are […]

How Often Should I Service My Boiler?

If your boiler is not working correctly, you should contact a qualified boiler service engineer as soon as possible. A boiler service can help detect and fix any issues that may have led to the boiler being out of order. It’s essential to act quickly in these cases because your boiler will eventually stop working […]

Immersion Water Heater Not Working

Hot water is one of the essential elements of comfortable living. The ideal day for a household owner begins with a warm shower and ends with one too. After a hard day at work, the first thing on your mind is always a hot shower. An immersion water heater is among the most efficient systems […]

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