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Want to Know What Type of Boiler You Have?

Millions of UK homes have gas central heating these days. However, many of these people have no idea which type of boiler is actually installed in their home. It’s essential you know this information if any issues were to arise and you needed it serviced or repaired or to have it replaced altogether.

The team at Aquatek is a group of highly-qualified expert boiler installation engineers that can help in this case. Keep in mind though that you’ll want to know what type of boiler you have because we will ask this important question when you contact us. What it does is help us gauge how big of a job our engineers will be taking on and ensure they’re prepared properly. Here you can learn tips about how to know what type of boiler you have, the different types of gas boilers, and the pros and cons of each.

Why is it Important to What Type of Boiler you Have

You may be wondering why it’s important to know what type of boiler you have. There are several reasons why it’s good to have this knowledge. For instance, you need to ensure that you pick the right type of boiler for your home and its demands. It all depends on your current hot water demands, as well as the age of your current heating systems and the pressure of your main water supply.

Also, when you contact us at Aquatek we’ll ask you this question and will need this information to better serve you. It will come in handy to know the type of boiler you have if a problem occurs and you need the boiler repaired or replaced quickly. Furthermore, making wise decisions about your home’s heating system now can affect your future utility bills.

System Boiler

A system boiler is able to provide hot water on demand and can heat water for your radiators. Essentially, they’re an upgraded version of the regular or heat-only boiler. You’re typically going to see them in homes where there’s a high demand for hot water. They’re a great choice because they can provide hot water to multiple bathrooms without the heating of your home being impacted. They are large units so you’ll need enough room in your home for the hot water tank to live. Also, once the tank empties you must wait for it to refill before you’ll have access to more hot water.

How to Tell if your Boiler is a System Boiler

You may be wondering if you have a system boiler and how to tell if you do. Usually, you can answer this question by taking a quick glance at it. Count the number of copper pipes which should be three, instead of five like with the combi boilers. You should also notice a hot water cylinder but that there’s no external pump. If you have a large home and a high demand for hot water from numerous outlets simultaneously, then it’s likely you have a system boiler in place.

Combi Boilers

Another type of boiler you may have heard about or have in your home is a combi boiler. This poses the question in your mind, have I got a combi boiler? This is essentially a gas boiler that produces hot water immediately since it combines a water heating system and a central heating unit into a single body. It’s not necessary in this case to have a separate hot water tank. They’re smaller in size since they are multiple boilers in one body and are ideal for flats or smaller homes. These boilers are also very efficient so you have the potential to cut costs on your energy bills.

How to Tell if your Boiler is a Combi Boiler

So, do you have a combi boiler, is the next question? Take a quick glance at it and see if there are five copper pipes and no external pump. You also won’t find hot and cold water cylinders since it’s a single unit. Typically, you’re going to find these boilers in small to mid-size homes where there isn’t as big of a demand for hot water.

Conventional or Heat-only Boilers

You may hear conventional or heat-only boilers also referred to as regular boilers. They can’t provide domestic hot water on demand like combi boilers do. Instead, hot water is stored in a cylinder and released when required for a tap or shower. If you have multiple bathrooms then you may want one of these boilers since they can meet the high demand for hot water at once. Similar to a system boiler, you will need to wait for the tank to refill and heat up once the hot water is gone. You may also find a disadvantage to be that they take up a lot of space since they require a hot and cold water storage tank.

How to Tell if your Boiler is a Conventional Boiler

With that, you may be wondering how to tell if your boiler is a conventional boiler or not. Take a look at it and see if there are two copper pipes coming from the top of the boiler and one from the bottom. There’s also a loft that will have hot water cylinders and a cold water storage tank. Unlike the combi and system boilers, you’ll also usually find an external pump. They’re typically found in larger homes that have a high demand for hot water and need to have it going to multiple outlets at one time.

In Summary

You now have a better idea of how you can know what type of boiler you have in your home. Do you have a question about your boiler or need it serviced or replaced? Then, Aquatek is here to help. We are expert local plumbers and gas-boiler engineers ready to fix your plumbing or heating problem quickly and efficiently. There is no call-out charge or upfront payments required and we always have fast response times.

Our team is dedicated to providing high standards of customer service and workmanship. Give us a call to receive a free quote today.

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